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Canada 150
Canada 150
Toronto Banner City of Toronto Skyline

The City of Toronto is the multi-cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. Home to more than 2.7 million people or nearly 4 million if you consider the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

For speed and economy, nothing replaces using the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system, which has 69 stations (and more in the planning process). Modern air-conditioned and nearly always speedy trains whisk you through an expanding network of tunnels and also some above ground tracks.


While the TTC accepts, exact change,(C$3.25) tickets & tokens,(C$9.00/3) Weekly (C$43.75) & Monthly Passes (C$146.25), and while there are Special Rates for Seniors (i.e. Cash C$2.10), Students (i.e. Cash C$2.10) and Children under 12 (Free), the most economical ticket is the individual "ADULT DAY PASS" (C$12.50). These passes allow unlimited travel on all TTC busses, streetcars and subway services from start of service on one day to 5:30 am the following day.


The "ADULT DAY PASS" can be bought ahead of time at any subway station and then validated (by scratching off the day & month) on the day of use. On weekends days (Sat or Sun) or satutory holidays the "ADULT DAY PASS" can be used for Group or Family Use up to a maximum of Six persons. (One or Two Adults plus Five or Four Youths)

"ADULT DAY PASSES" are ideal if you want to plan a movable feast by choosing a variety of locations close to different subway stations. Have cocktail or pre-dinner drinks in one place; entrees at another; and finish off with dessert, coffe/tea and dancing in another. The combinations are endless.


All Fares are Subject to Change and up todate prices can be found by visiting


The TTC starts from about 5:30 am everyday (except on Sunday which is 9:00 am) until just after 1:30 am, however there is also a extensive system of All-Night Blue Busses which run on most major streets, every 30 minutes of better from 1:30 pm through to 5:00 am.

For further information on up-to-date Fares (Cash, Children, Senior & Students Tickets, Tokens, Weekly & Monthly Passes), routes & timings you can contact the TTC at: 416.393.INFO (416.393.4636) or

Multi-language Transit Information is available at the above number, and then by pressing (7) you can hear the availalbe languages.


The International telephone Country Code for Canada is: 1, followed by the Area Code(s) for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which are: 416, 905 and 647 and these are shown in all listed destinations. Access to 1-800 or 866 Area Codes are usally toll-free when dialing from anywhere in North America.

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