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New York Banner Manhattan Skyline, New York City

The Island of Manhattan - New York City is an internationally recognized multi-cultural city with a population of nearly 9 million people, and is made up of many distinctive neighbourhoods, such as Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, Upper East & West Sides just to name a few.


For speed and economy, nothing replaces using the New York City Transit (MTA) Subway system, which has 134 Stations on the Island of Manhattan & over 740 miles of Subway tracks. The air-conditioned subway cars are well maintained & policed and are much safer & cleaner than its 1970’s reputation would indicate.


While the MTA accepts exact change fares (US$2.25 – Subject to Change); a “Pay-per-Ride MetroCard”; & “7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard”, the most economical fares, especially for visitors is the “1-DAY FUN PASS” (US $8.25 – Subject to Change). This Pass allows unlimited Subway & Local Bus Travel, from the first use until 3 am the following day.


The “1-DAY FUN PASS” is sold at MetroCard Vending Machines and at Neighbourhood Stores. However, it is not available at Subway Station Booths.


This Pass is ideal if you want to plan a movable feast by choosing a variety of locations close to different subway stations. Have cocktails or pre-dinner drinks at one place, entrees at another, and finish off with dessert, coffee/tea and dancing in another. The combinations are endless.


The MTA runs 24 Hours every day, and for further information in English on up-to-date Fares, Passes, Routes & Schedules you can contact or (718) 330.1234 (6am to 10pm EST – Seven Days a Week). For Non-English Speaking Information call (718) 330-4847 (9am- 5pm EST – Seven Days a Week).


The International telephone County Code for the United States is: 1, followed by the main Area Code(s) for New York City which are: 212, 347, 646, & 647. Access to 1-800, 866 or 888 Area Codes are usually toll-free when dialing from anywhere in North America.

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