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Volunteer Toronto
Tel: (1) 416.961.6888 Volunteer Toronto



(Listing Criteria - Destination must NOT BE MORE THAN FOUR (4) BLOCKS  from a Subway Station TO BE ACCEPTED)


You can choose to advertise on our site in 3 different ways, through Enhanced or Premium Listings, or a Banner Ad. The Listings allows your Destination to show up when people search for different criteria in the Website. However, a limited number (5) of Premium Destination Listings show up at the top of an individual Station which is being visited. A Banner Ad is trafficked on a rotating basis throughout the Website and is seen regardless of whether someone is searching for your Destination or not.

Limited Complimentary Public Service Ads are for Charitable Organizations/Events only and are trafficked on a rotating basis.


Please see our Rates below & Method of Payment:


 HST/GST (13% has to be added to Canadian Billings)

HST#  85871-3969

Payment made easy by the use of a Master Card/Visa Credit Card in Canadian or US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros, via the Independent, Safe, Secure & Convenient off site "PayPal" system. Visit for further information. You do not need to have a "PayPal Account" to use a Master Card/Visa Credit Card, just follow the simple instructions on the "PayPal" website. No automatic re-billing, add e-mail reminders will be sent when original time-period is about to expire. Rates may be changed without prior Notice.

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